Busting creative blocks with tarot and oracle cards

A little late to post this week – we ran into a snag with our internet connection. Such is life in a northern town…

Not having internet access for a couple of days gave me plenty of time to whiz through Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. While this book is full creativity and rather light on the woo-woo, it still got me thinking about my own woo-woo.

A couple of summers ago I bought this tarot deck from The Fountain Tarot. I came across some images of the cards in this deck online and was captivated by them. I think they are some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and I knew I wanted them in my hands. About a year later, I came across this Sacred Creators Oracle Deck from Chris-Anne, and instantly fell in love with its stunning colours, minimalist look and inspiring messages.

I love using both of these decks. I don’t really use either set of cards for divination. I think of them more as “life prompts” and “creativity prompts.” I pull cards and read them to look at a situation or my work from a different perspective. Basically, they are tools that help me become unblocked in life and in my creativity.

As creatives, we get stuck sometimes. We don’t always feel inspired. We get burnt out. We get the blahs. These help me keep working.

What tools do you pull out when you’re feeling blocked?

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