Expanding the craft: Inspiration from the Internet

I had plans to take myself out of the house on an artist date to fuel this week’s post, but you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Instead, I found myself holed up in our apartment while temperatures dipped below -30 (and below -40 with the windchill), fighting off a cold and cabin fever. To keep my brain occupied I curled up on the couch under a heavy fleece blanket and watched review after review of the Canon 6D Mark II, which I bought used from Henry’s last weekend, in anticipation of its arrival (it’s here, and it’s WONDERFUL! This post was not sponsored by Henry’s, but I highly recommend them – their used gear is top notch and their customer service is even better).

From there I began watching some tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop on Youtube, where I stumbled across  Peter McKinnon’s channel and found all kinds of inspiration! He has a ton of energy, a ton of cool ideas, and bonus points, he’s Canadian. I’m excited to try some new techniques while I’m out shooting this week in marginally warmer weather.

I’ve had some fantastic mentors in both photography and writing, but have shied away from learning from the internet in favour of learning on the fly through trial and errors. This week, though, I found some really solid, useful material that I’ve already started to put into practice, and I feel encouraged to hit the web and some books to learn more and get inspired to take my crafts to the next level.

Are you a photographer or writer? What are your favourite resources? I promise if you share, I’ll check them out!

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